mSend is an Rs485 to Wi-Fi adaptor that sends data to a server using the HTTP POST Protocol.The data is sent with a network synchronized time-stamp and this approach eliminates the errors associated with manual logging of data and enables analytics and insight to be generated.Wi-Fi credentials and the server details are configured using a Web Interface. Server configuration involves setting the path to a script which handles the data. The data can be sent to either a file in the server or to a database depending on the redirection provided in the script. RadioStudio can Also provide the entire server solution at extra cost for customers who do not have a server ready for receiving data.At present RadioStudio supports the EM6400 meter over MODBUS RTU. Other meters can be customized based on client needs.

Rs485 to Wi-Fi adaptor device
Rs485 to Wi-Fi adaptor


  • WiFi enabled RS485 to WiFi adaptor for Em6400 from Schneider.
  • Network Synchronised time stamp.
  • Configurable Polling Duration.
  • Configurable Network Settings.
  • Configurable Data Upload Path.
  • Configurable Modbus Settings.
  • Potential free 24V Relay Interface


  • Solar Roof Top Monitoring.
  • Remote Energy Auditing.
  • Energy Demand Monitoring/Notifications.

Block Diagram

Rs485 to Wi-Fi adaptor block diagram

Electrical Specifications

  • Input Voltage
: 24V DC
  • Max Input Current

: 2A
  • Relay Load Voltage

: 24VDC
  • Relay Load Current

: 1A

Communication Specifications

  • Wireless
: 802.11b/g/n, Internal/External Antenna.
  • Security

: WPA-Personal, WPA2-Personal.

Sensor Interface

  • RS485 Using MODBUS for Em6400 from Schneider.
  • Customisation for other RS485 Meters possible.


Rs485 to Wi-Fi adaptor pin out

Ordering Information

Part Number: mSendx01