eZwink is a plug and play Wi-Fi module that sends and receives data from a server using MQTT Protocol. The data is sent with a network synchronized time-stamp and this approach eliminates the errors associated with manual logging of data and enables analytics and insight to be generated. Wi-Fi credentials, server details and GPIO’s are configured using eZwink mobile app. The GPIO status can be read in the mobile app and actuation can also be performed using mobile app. There is also one PWM control pin where the duty cycle can be changed using the same mobile app. The data can be sent to either a file in the server or to a database depending on the redirection provided in the script. RadioStudio can also provide the entire server solution at extra cost for customers who do not have a server ready for receiving data.

eZwink back side
eZwink front side


  • Plug and play module
  • No Embedded programming required
  • Configurable GPIO’s
  • Configurable Wi-Fi Network Settings
  • Network Synchronized time stamp
  • Configurable server name and port
  • PWM Interface


  • Various Digital Sensors like Motion Sensor, Switch, Level, Reed etc.
  • Actuations like Relay, Buzzer, etc.
  • PWM control for LED dimming, Motor speed, etc.

Block Diagram

eZwink Block Diagram

Electrical Specifications

  • Power Supply
: 5V DC / 2A
  • Sensor Interface
: ADC, Digital Sensors, Actuators
  • Relay Ratings
: 250V AC/7A, 24V DC/10A, Potential Free Relay

Communication Specifications

  • Wireless
: 802.11b/g/n, Internal/External Antenna
  • Security
: WPA-Personal, WPA2-Personal

Mechanical Specifications

  • Length
: 50.04 mm
  • Breadth
: 40.77 mm

Connector and cable Specifications

Reference Designator Type Cable Size
J10, J12 Terminal Connector 0.8 Sq. mm

eZwink GPIO Header

eZwink Pin

Sample Data

1,1,0,0,1,1,2017-08-11 15:58:15
Data 1 1 0 0 1 1
Description GPIO1 Status GPIO2 Status GPIO3 Status GPIO4 Status GPIO5 Status Relay Status

Ordering Information

  • Part Number: eZwinkx01
  • Contact : contact@radiostudio.co.in


eZwink user manual rev1
eZwink DataSheet
eZwink Application Note