AirPlug is a smart plug that sits between an appliance and wall-socket. It senses the line voltage and current drawn by an appliance. Other electrical parameters associated with the appliance like power factor, real power, apparent power, reactive power is computed by the AirPlug and transmitted over a secure Wi-Fi. AirPlug has an integrated SNTP Client and each instance of data is provided with a network synchronized time-stamp. The MAC address of each AirPlug is also made available along with data. A label can also be affixed to the data to identify the associated appliance. AirPlug hardware also has an optional zero-voltage switching relay for remote control, scheduling and rule-based activation of the appliance connected to it. AirPlug sends data to RadioStudio server by default.


  • Senses electrical parameters of the device connected to its outlet like Voltage, Current, Power-factor, Frequency, Power, Energy
  • Electrical parameters measured on time-domain waveforms with 22 bit delta-sigma ADC and computed using 32 bit engine
  • Transmits sensed information over Wi-Fi
  • Provides ON/OFF control of appliances connected to it (optional)
  • Is time synchronized to network by using SNTP
  • Provides configurable data output
  • Communicates with existing standard low-cost Wi-Fi routers


Sensor Interface

Voltage : 90 to 270 V rms, 50/60 Hz
Current : 16 Amps rms
Power Factor : 0.1 to 0.99

Mains Interface

Voltage : 90 to 270 V rms, 50/60 Hz
Max. Load Current : 16A
Worst Case Load Power factor for load switching : 0.5

Communications Interface

AirPlug Data Output And Description

Sample record


Data : 50.1 ,233.752 ,128.762,32.874,0.004 ,0.883,161.229,206.336,0.624,51.388

S.No Field Name Tolerance Sample Data
1 Frequency in Hertz One tenth of hertz 50.1
2 RMS Voltage in Volts 5% 233.752
3 Active Power in Watts 10% (current and voltage samples
multiplied and averaged on per second basis)
4 Energy in Watt-Hour 5% 32.874
5 Cost NA 0.004
6 RMS Current in Amperes 5% 0.883
7 Reactive Power in Watts 10% (Reactive power can be positive or negative depending on powerfactor—positive for positive powerfactor—inductive loads) 161.229
8 Apparent Power in Volt –Amperes 10% 206.336
9 Power Factor 0.624
10 Phase angle in degrees 51.388

MetaData : 07:59:06 04/11/2010,00:1E:C0:00:DC:46,fridge 2589

S.No Field Name Sample Data
1 Time and date of data collection in hh:mm:ss dd/mm/yyyy format
(Network Time, offset is location based and configurable)
07:59:06 04/11/2010
2 MAC Address of Airplug 00:1E:C0:00:DC:46
3 Record number since last switch-on 2589